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About Offix

Established in 2016, Offix Pte Ltd was incorporated in Singapore as a provider for office furniture, office solutions, and seating. The brand Offix was founded by people with a strong commitment to continue to provide the right products and interior design for the modern office environment. Well-known for our sales and after-sale services, we believe that we are in the business of getting our clients to come back! With this reputation and culture, we have acquired an intimate understanding and bridges many gaps between us and our customers! We aimed at delighting customer experience and achieving the unrivaled level of customer satisfaction, by delivering high perceived value-for-money products and services.

For every working individual office is second home as they spend more than one-third of their time in office. While most of the office work are performed in sitting so we need to ensure office table furniture are designed in a way that one should be able to sit comfortably for longer duration without any health issues and it meets ergonomics standards. Office furniture designs speak much about the company's culture and vision. We need to consider office space, number of employees, budget to plan any office design. Offix supplies office furniture Singapore in different shapes, sizes and shades meeting all ergonomics standard. Apart from providing office furniture we also deal in office renovation, designing, and reinstatement services in Singapore. Call us now to check range of services offered by us.


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  • Gin. T
    Gin. T General Manager

    Friendly people, excellent after sales service, and we’ve referred many people to friends to them. You stand behind your design and we like the way you execute the job.

  • Johnny. W
    Johnny. W Director

    Offix is my favorite Renovation Company. The sales people is wonderful, their project manager is also very patient with my request, very friendly customer service! They also go out all to source for customized furniture for our office. My office is fully renovated by Offix and all our furniture is supplied by Offix.

  • Rachel. P
    Rachel. P Operation Manager

    All the furniture we’ve bought is still in great shape. Offix offers quality products at great prices and always friendly folks to serve us.

  • Chris. T
    Chris. T Facility Manager

    We have been engaging Offix Pte Ltd for a few of our office renovation. As a MNC, it is essential to engage a trustworthy and reliable company and Offix has excel in all those aspect. The most important thing is that Offix have never bill shock us all these years. They are a honest company that do not have any hidden cost, and that is crucial to us. It will be tough to explain to management if every project comes with a huge bomb at the end.

  • Genevieve. L
    Genevieve. L Purchasing Manager

    We were having a hard time deciding between Offix Pte Ltd and another company when we were planning our office renovation. Since then, we've never looked back. They provide excellent after sales service!

  • Sebastian. M
    Sebastian. M Director

    Very reliable company, thanks for helping with my office works