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2020 Furniture Collection

Furniture Collection


2020 Interior Lookbook

Interior Lookbook


CX Catalog – GALAXY II




CX Catalog – Melamine Colour



Contemporary Chair’s Catalog – Leather Colour – Code: 270

Leather Colour

Leather Colour 2

Leather Colour 3


Contemporary Chair’s Catalog – Mesh/Fabric Back Colour

Fabric Back Colour

Fabric Back Colour 2

Fabric Back Colour 3

Fabric Back Colour 4

Contemporary Chair’s Catalog – Mesh/Fabric Seat Colour

Fabric Back Colour 5

Fabric Back Colour 6

Fabric Back Colour 7

Fabric Back Colour 8

Fabric Back Colour 9

Fabric Back Colour 10


Innovative Chair’s Catalog – PU Leather Colour

PU Leather Colour


Innovative Chair’s Catalog – Mesh/Faric Colour

Mesh/Faric Colour

Mesh/Faric Colour 2

Mesh/Faric Colour 3

Mesh/Faric Colour 4

Mesh/Faric Colour 5

Mesh/Faric Colour 6

Mesh/Faric Colour 8