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Established in 2001, Offix Pte Ltd (formerly known as Benchmarx Design Pte Ltd) was incorporated in Singapore as a provider for office solutions, furniture and seating. The brand Offix™ was founded by people with a strong commitment to continue to provide the right products and design for the modern office environment. Well-known for our sales and after sale services, we believe that we are in the business of getting our clients to come back! With this reputation and culture, we have acquired an intimate understanding and bridges many gaps between us and our customers! We aimed at delighting customer experience and achieving unrivaled level of customer satisfaction, by delivering high perceived value-for-money products and services.


At Offix, we believe in:
O: only quality products
F: fast and efficient project management
F: first class services
I: identifying clients problem and providing the best solution
X: x-factor within our people

About Offix
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“Because we don’t choose our customer, it doesn’t matter if it’s a big or small project, as long as we are able to provide you with our product or services, we will be more than happy to serve you!

Offix Pte Ltd is committed to helping it’s client to design and plan their work space according to their requirements, providing a very personalize experience.

We have our own factory that manufactures our own office furniture, which means 100% customisation possibility, and we also work with many other reliable organisations in order to help our clients to build a very personalize space that is in-line with our clients corporate image!”