How to Choose the Ideal Office Table?

How to Choose the Ideal Office Table?

Chairs and tables are the central pieces of any office furniture Singapore. While chairs are used for seating purposes, tables provide the space for carrying out office tasks.

An office table also provides you with storage space to keep your essentials close to you and keep your accessories sorted for a hassle-free work experience.

But not every table is equipped to perform all these tasks, and that’s not what most people are aware of. While buying an office table, the most important factor for people is how it would look. This approach might work for dinner, but you need to be much more cautious for an office table as you have to spend long hours using it.

This blog will put some light on some lesser-known factors that will help you pick the ideal table for your office furniture Singapore.

Qualities of An Ideal Office Table:

  1. Utility:

The ideal office table for you would be the one that lets you utilize it to its fullest and allows you to be maximumly productive on it. Each of its features will serve some of your needs, and none of its features will be useless to you.

But how do you find such a table tailored to your requirements? The answer is simple.

Office tables are prepared, keeping the utility of the customers in view. Most tables are generalized for a special group of people and will serve most of them perfectly.

Before buying an office table, you just need to find what group you fall in. A simple way to do this is to focus on the nature of your work.

If you are in a managerial position, your table must be big enough to accommodate your team members around it. Your table must have sockets for your electronic devices and a mechanism to sort out wires if you are in IT.

Making a list of such things will help you decide the utility factor of your office table.

  1. Storage:

The utility of a table is not restricted to its tabletop size; it also depends upon the storage it provides.

Usually, office tables come with drawers and cabinets but how many of them you need depends on the nature of your job. If you are an accountant, maintain records or manage entries, you might need additional wall shelves to manage all the files.

If you are an architect, you might need many tiny drawers to keep your equipment in place.

Another critical factor here is the placement and accessibility of storage units. Many a time, people go for more drawers, but then they are left with little legroom, causing an unpleasant experience for them.

  1. Material:

Now that we have ensured utility, it is time to look into the technicalities deeper.

Being office workers, we do not really have an idea about the material of our office furniture Singapore and neither do we care about it as it does not concern us as long as it is strong enough.

The pro tip is that each type of material is suitable for a specific type of office chair, and one must be mindful of that.

For example, a reception must use a glass table to reflect light and be transparent. It will make the visitors feel welcomed and give them an impression of openness.

Similarly, a vinyl finish tabletop might be a good fit for the offices of the executive team members as it will give an impression of luxury and taste and help them establish their authority over clients.

A solid wood table can be good for middle-tier employees as it will represent the hard work and effort that goes into running the office. In contrast, metallic tables can be good for the lower tier as they will need something sturdy and resistant.

While choosing the material, be mindful of the work you will take from it. These are just general tips and if a particular material does not suit your specific business, feel free to be creative and find the right fit for yourself.

  1. Technology:

Modern businesses are sharp and tech-infused, including the latest office tables. While purchasing an office table, make sure to get one that comes with the appropriate technology that you require.

The latest tables are designed to take the load off your employees and allow them to be maximumly productive. A good example is a sit-stand table.

A sit-stand table is a semi-electric table that commonly uses a dual-motor system and is height adjustable. They allow you to set an ideal height for your table and provide you with the utmost comfort.

They are also ergonomically designed and are smart enough to remind you to stand up for a bit once in a while. They also reduce the need for breaks by providing more mobility and freedom in positions.

Some of them also have an extendable tabletop and are suitable for use in common areas where employees can get together and swap information.

  1. Durability:

The next important factor is thinking long-term and ensuring that your tables are durable. A utility that does not last long requires frequent maintenance or replacement is of no use.

There are a couple of factors that can help you physically analyze the durability of a table. You should pick a suitable building material for the task you need to perform on your table. Secondly, you can judge the build quality by evaluating how everything has been put together.

You can also ask for a guarantee and warranty of different parts and a manual that will provide you with the limits of your table. Make sure to stick to the manual and never put more burden on your table than it can handle.